The best tricks to use WhatsApp like a pro

WhatsApp has long since become an indispensable for our smartphone. So much so that it becomes almost ironic the fact that every year Apple insists on launching a more powerful iPhone than the previous one when if we stick to the usage statistics we discover that most of the time in which we are using the iPhone is precisely chatting through our favorite messaging application … What a waste, right? As we know you love WhatsApp what We bring you today is a video and a tutorial with the best tricks to use WhatsApp as an expert.

Typewriter typeface

East It is one of the most recent “tricks” that WhatsApp has added to its application and therefore the least used. In case you had already got bored of the typography that your iPhone presented with regard to instant messaging applications, the time has come to change the letter.

For it we just have to select the text before sending it, click on the text format icon and select Monospaced, or failing that, use the three quotes before and after the text so that it is automatically modified when sending it.

Change format: Bold, italic and strikethrough

This is one of the classics and the ones that we have mentioned most here in iPhone News, but it could not be missing in this guide to use WhatsApp as an expert. There is no better way to give emphasis or feeling to a text than by assigning it different formats.

To do this we simply follow the previous steps, but now what we are going to do is select Italic, Crossed out or Bold, depending on our needs. TWe can also add the necessary symbols directly to the text, which are automatically added when you click on that option.

Delete WhatsApp messages

This is another of the functionalities that is a classic and a controversial at the same time. You can finally delete WhatsApp messages, the problem is that they will leave a trail, a sign of “This message has been deleted”, to inform the other party.

Nor can we eliminate it when we want, we have approximately 5 to 10 minutes to remove it, otherwise, only the option of “Delete for me”, when is that of “Delete for all” which will allow us to remove both our device and that of other users.

A search engine for GIFs

GIFs have become part of our daily lives, There are applications like Instagram or Telegram that already have them fully integrated, WhatsApp could not be less, although in this case it is a bit complex to access the Tenor search engine, the provider of GIFs in WhatsApp.

Click on the GIF / Sticker button on the keyboard, choose GIF and in the lower right we have a magnifying glass, If we click on that magnifying glass, it will take us to the Tenor search engine that will show us different GIFs depending on the words entered in the text box.

Save data and battery with automatic downloads

Automatic discharges are a double-edged sword, they save us work but they squander our battery and our data rate. By default we have automatic file download enabled, and this becomes a problem especially with devices with less storage.

Therefore It is advisable that we go to the WhatsApp settings, and in the section of Data and storage, let’s take the opportunity to configure the automatic download of files according to our needs and the capabilities of our smartphone. We can also reduce the use of data in video calls.

Handle Stickers, steal them from others

We have so many stickers, most of them referring to humorous content, and we are horny, we can’t help it. However, sometimes it is difficult to find a single sticker pack in the iOS App Store that meets our needs, not to mention “blocked” content.

For this we can take advantage and “send” the stickers to our friends, for this simply we must click on a sticker sent to us and choose the option of Add to Favorites, Now we will have it on hand in our Favorites section without further ado.

Put password to WhatsApp

The WhatsApp of each one can contain sensitive information, so WhatsApp recently decided to add the possibility of introducing a new verification before opening the messaging application, for this we would be identified through the method that we have activated on the iPhone: Face ID, Touch ID or password.

To activate this functionality we simply have to navigate through the settings to the Account section> Privacy and we will find the different settings of Screen lock, which is the function we were looking for and will allow us to block the WhatsApp to the hands and eyes of others.

Search videos, photos and files easily

Although many do not know, WhatsaApp has a powerful search engine completely integrated into the system, we simply have to click on the top of the message chat, where it puts the name from the WhatsApp group or the contact in question.

Once inside, the first menu of Files, links and docs. It is precisely what we are looking for. Once inside we will be able to search by dates all the content that we have received and that is stored relative to that chat, now it is easy to find that file and even a link that we were sent months ago.

The gestures within the application

WhatsApp gesture control It is almost identical to what we have in the iOS Mail application and many do not take advantage of it. Come, put some order on your WhatsApp chat desk and it will make your life easier.

  • From left to right: Mark as read / unread + Pin to start
  • From right to left: Archive the chat + Other options

That easy you will be able to organize your chat desk as if you were Marie Kondo herself, so you are already putting the batteries.

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