The antivirus for iPhone signed by Microsoft that makes no sense

Microsoft bets on iOS to launch a ‘light’ antivirus

Microsoft has announced the launch of its new antivirus, Defender Advanced Threat Protection for both iOS and Android. Right now the details we know about it are quite scarce since from Microsoft they will give all the details in the RSA Conference that is held next week as you have informed The verge.

microsoft antivirus

An antivirus on Mac makes a lot of sense because you can perform the full scan of the computer. But this does not happen in the same way on the iPhone and iPad. We know that Apple is quite restrictive when it comes to operating system on mobile devices since does not allow different actions to third party applications. This is why it is not known too well how this antivirus will work on our iPhone. From The Verge they explain it as follows:

Microsoft’s Mobile Defender customers will likely be very different from desktop versions, especially since Apple’s iOS platform does not allow applications to scan malware on an iPhone or iPad. However, there are a variety of Android antivirus applications available. Microsoft will join this growing market to prevent malware in Android applications that are downloaded to devices.

Since Microsoft already presented last year a version of the antivirus that you have right now in Windows for Mac. But as we say on this platform it makes sense to use an antivirus because different malware analyzes can be performed.

What is the point of an antivirus in iOS?

On iPhonand it makes no sense to have a third-party antivirus but not because it is immune to different computer attacks, but it does not have tools to carry out the basic analyzes that must be done to detect the presence of malware in iOS. That is why the function that this application will have is not very well known. There is already talk that it will be very focused on pishing rather than malware or basic security tips, but at all it will not include analysis tools, which is what we have available in the amount of antivirus available on Android.

We will have to wait for the conference next week to know all the details of this application from Microsoft. It has certainly left us all very surprised.

And you, do you think it is necessary to use an antivirus on iPhone?

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