New Smart Keyboard with trackpad in sight at Apple

Apple will enhance the use of the mouse on iPad

With iPadOS 13 Apple took another step on the path to follow to turn the iPad into a real laptop. We are referring to the new accessibility function that allows you to use a mouse to navigate through the entire computer interface in a really easy way. Although it is an accessibility function, there are many users who use this possibility that the operating system gives and from Apple they want to exploit it with their new keyboard.

For what an iPad is finished looking like a MacBook, what is needed is a keyboard with Trackpad and Apple is already working on this. As the medium has pointed out The Information from the company they would be developing a Smart Keyboard that includes trackpad functions. Specifically, they explain it in the following way, taking their own sources as reference:

Apple plans to launch an iPad keyboard accessory later this year that will include a built-in trackpad, the last step in its effort to position the tablet as an alternative to laptops, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company will probably launch the accessory along with the next version of the iPad Pro that is expected for this year.

This is not the first rumor about this new Smart Keyboard since a few weeks ago we talked about the company’s plans to launch A backlit keyboard. The truth is that this feature is not mentioned on this occasion, but it does talk about the construction material that will not vary since it will be built in cloth Foxconn being the main manufacturer.

Possible availability

The report does not point to a specific release date of this keyboard, although If you talk about seeing the light together with the renewed iPad Pro. There are variants in this aspect since some analysts suggest that it will come out this spring but others think it will not end up being presented until the end of the year.

What seems clear is that Apple wants to enhance the use of the iPad as a laptop, and this is the way to go. With this type of accessory no doubt they can come to fruition but they must also take a look at the pointer functionality so that it is much more useful to use since it is now focused for accessibility. In iPadOS 14 we expect you to leave this section and include different basic features so that we can control our tablet in a correct way with a mouse.

There are already some brands that have launched this type of case with trackpad such as Brydge and have quite good in the market. Now we must see the official Apple case and the price it has It will not be too cheap but if it gives us adequate functionality, there will undoubtedly be many users who end up getting one.

And you, what do you think about this new keyboard for the iPad?

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