Mythic Quest, Apple TV + humor series: criticism, characters and chapters


  • Directors: Jeff Luini and Chris Smirnoff.
  • Executive producers: Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Michael Rotenberg, Nicholas Frenkel, Gérard Guillemot, Jason Altman, Danielle Kreinik, Megan Ganz and David Hornsby.
  • Production companies: Lionsgate Television, 3 Arts Entertainment, Ubisoft Motion Pictures.
  • Cinematography: Mike Berlucchi
  • Classification: +16
  • Channels and distribution platforms: Apple TV +


  • Ian Grimm: played by Rob McElhenney in the role of creative director. He is the original creator of Mythic Quest, which is why he is admired, but his egocentrism and extravagances end up tiring more than one.
  • Poppy Li: played by Charlotte Nicdao, she is the chief programmer of Mythic Quest. Much of the value of the video game resides in it, but it feels self-conscious about Ian’s decisions, which will arouse some interest in it for being taken into account.
  • David Brittlesbee: played by David Hornsby, is the executive producer of the video game. His role is really questioned on many occasions, since few seem to take their decisions into account. Probably his character is one of the most comical for that tug of war that he keeps with the rest of the employees and with the bosses of Montreal who always charge him the blame when something fails.
  • Brad Bakshi: played by Danny Pudi, is in charge of monetization. The big decisions regarding the recurring payments of the video game go through it, which makes its role fundamental despite its disagreements with David.
  • C.W. Longbottom: played by F. Murray Abraham, he is the writer of the story of Mythic Quest. In his day he won a Nebula Award that he always carries with him, which makes him believe indispensable for the company. They don’t really take it into account because of, among other things, their high addiction to alcohol.
  • Jo: played by Jessie Ennis, playing David’s conservative personal assistant, although she is really obsessed with Ian. Precisely the sickly love of having the creative director as a myth will make him perform more functions as an administrator than David.
  • Rachel: played by Ashly Burch, is one of the Mythic Quest beta testers. She is in love with her partner Dana, although she doesn’t know it.
  • Dana: played by Imani Hakim, the other beta tester of Mythic Quest. His great passion for video games makes him live his work with fervor, which will also help him to make an important job break at any given time.
  • Pootie Shoe: played by Elisha Hening, is 14 years old and is already one of the best known video game youtubers worldwide and to which Mythic Quest owes a lot for his good reviews of the game. Everything gets twisted when, after a malicious email from Jo starts charging against the franchise.

First season

The first season was broadcast in full on February 7, 2020. In the 9 chapters of which it is used, it is useful to know, albeit in an exaggerated way, how a company of this type works and how important are the decisions taken in any field Despite the obvious humorous tone of the series, some issues of draft can be seen. Below is a description of these episodes, so we advise that they may contain SPOILER and we do not recommend that you read beyond the episodes you have seen.

Chapter 1: “Pilot”

Mythic Quest 1x01

A new update of Mythic Quest, also known as MQ, is about to hit the market: “raven feast”. Everything is almost ready, but Ian becomes obsessed with a small detail imported at the last minute by Poppy: a shovel. An entire episode revolves around the element in which curious characters begin to meet who are sure to promise great moments.

Chapter 2: “The casino”

Mythic Quest 1x02

Pootie Shoe begins unveiling Ian’s dirty rags and announces that he will stop playing Mythic Quest. On the other hand Dana and Rachel live a girls night in front of the screen inside the offices in order to detect all the bugs of the last update of the game. David and Poppy on the other hand remain in charge of everything after taking Brad the day off, which is the occasional problem for them.

Chapter 3: “Feast”

Mythic Quest 1x03

Poppy is excited because she will soon be able to launch a new area in the video game called “The Feast”, however nobody ends up finding meaning. On the other hand it is discovered that thousands of players of supremacist ideology have taken the game and all are involved with the firm objective of preventing them from continuing in the game, although this clashes head-on against censorship and the rights of the players.

Chapter 4: “The Convention”

Mythic Quest 1x04

The fact that Pootie Shoe has moved to the most direct competition of Mythic Quest forces the team to urgently seek a new streamer that is favorable to them, for which they turn to a well-known convention of the sector. In that same place Poppy begins to realize that perhaps he could use to know how they work in other companies after having been seen once again by Ian.

Chapter 5: “Dark and Silent Death”

Mythic Quest 1x05

The episode focuses on another time and other characters that eventually end up having some relationship with Mythic Quest. It is about the beginning, development and disappearance of the Dark and Silent Death videogame, which originated from the current MQ offices.

Chapter 6: “Unplayable Character”

Mythic Quest 1x06

NPC stands for non-playable characters. Precisely one of these MQ characters, the masked knight, has been hacked by a stranger and is making the developers go crazy. The office adds to the chaos because of this and the arrival of a new worker, while Poppy visits the facilities of the competition with the decision to change companies in the air.

Chapter 7: “Permanent Death”

Mythic Quest 1x07

The hacker behind the masked knight has been challenged by Ian to a fight. The fight, as Ian himself dictated, will have consequences for the loser because in case he is the one who gives up he will have to leave the video game in the hands of the hacker. Poppy, back after his visit to the competition, begins to ignore his seriousness and tries to help Ian in his preparation.

Chapter 8: “Brendan”

Mythic Quest 1x08

Once the identity of the masked knight is known, another fact about it will be discovered that will leave Poppy stone. Precisely the chief programmer is at a crossroads after having accepted and subsequently refused to go to work with the rivals. In the office, meanwhile, he discusses what to do with Dana after being discovered by the public who works for MQ.

Chapter 9: “Bloody Ocean”

Mythic Quest 1x09

Bloody Ocean is Ian’s new idea to revolutionize MQ, although unfortunately the idea does not go beyond those two words. Together with Poppy, he will try to make sense of it, but it demands that he be more taken into account instead of simply being Ian’s “brush.” David for his part is fired by the top Montreal officials.

Second season

Neither Apple nor sources close to the producer have confirmed for the moment a second season of «Mythic Quest». Despite the sitcom style of the series, the end of its first season and its good reception suggest that it will probably end up confirming the second batch of episodes. In case of arriving, it would surely be by 2021. Some fans have ventured to guess the nickname of the series in that hypothetical season: “Bloody Ocean” instead of “Crow’s Feast”.

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