Mahershala Ali will star in a new movie for Apple TV +

Mahershala Ali

The first foray into the world of Apple TV + cinema, The banker, did not have the opportunity to participate in the Oscars of the Academy of Hollywood 2020, by the complaints of sexual harassment to one of its producers, which forced Apple to delay its premiere in cinemas until this year.

The bankerIt was the first but it will not be the last. Apple has closed an agreement with the actor Mahershala Ali, Academy winner of two Academy Awards, to star in the movie Swan song, a film that has already begun the production phase and will be trained in cinemas, in addition to arriving shortly thereafter at Apple TV +.

Swan song or the Swan songIf the title is finally translated into Spanish, it is a genre drama directed by the Academy Award winner Benjamin Cleary for the short Shutterer, which explores how far we can personally sacrifice ourselves to make the people we love happier. Mahershala Ali will play the leading role of Milo.

Matt dentler, head of film development and acquisitions, says the Swan Song immediately connected with them and that they couldn’t refuse to offer the talent of Mahershala and the vision of Benjamin To all audiences in the world.

Benjamin, on the other hand, affirms that I had been with this project for a long time and that when he presented the project to Apple, they quickly understood his vision. One time Mahershala agreed to join the cast, both Apple and Benjamin They knew they had something special.

Mahershala, has a project signed with Marvel, much more commercial than this movie, since will be put on the skin of Blade for a new installment of this saga of the vampire slayer that started Wesley Snipes in the 90s.

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