iOS 13.4 beta 2, the new features introduced on the iPhone

Let’s find out all the news of the beta 2 of iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 released by Apple yesterday.

ios 13.3 beta

In the first beta of iOS 13.4, Apple added a new toolbar in Mail, iCloud folder sharing, new Memoji stickers, support for unified purchases for iOS and Mac apps, the new CarKey and much more. In iOS 13.4 beta 2 we find some changes in the settings for the TV app, a new change to the Mail toolbar and some more details on the CarKey function.

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TV app

ios tv app 13.4

Apple has updated the settings for the TV app on iPhone and iPad, adding a number of new options for control data download and streaming and now you can enable or disable the use of cellular data for streaming and downloading. Those with an unlimited data plan or with many GBs available could use this function to watch the contents of the TV app using the LTE network. The feature is turned off by default.

Other options allow you to manage video streaming in “Data saving” or “High quality”, both in Wi-Fi and under the cellular network. The function Saving data limits the use of data to a maximum of 600 MB per hour.

As for downloads, there are options for lower quality fast downloads, so you can download content from the app faster, and for high quality downloads, which take longer and more space, but download the video at maximum resolution (also in HDR when available).

At the bottom we find the settings related to Siri, notifications and switches to display or not the sports results or to view the playback history.

New toolbar in Mail

Apple has updated the toolbar in Mail after the changes already made in the first beta of iOS 13.4. After moving the Delete button to avoid accidental deletions, in beta 2 Apple has removed the flag icon and added the button to the right for the creating a new email. The Reply key has been moved to the center, while the two Delete and Folder keys have remained in their original position.

Beta 1:

Beta 2:


Apple has therefore decided to eliminate a less used button such as the flag button, to replace it with the new email creation button. More than acceptable choice. For those who often use the Mark function, this can be used after clicking on the arrow icon.


carkey is an API introduced with the first beta of iOS 13.4 that allows you to use a iPhone, but also an Apple Watch, for aopen and close the doors of a car, but also to start it. Users will be able to use CarKey in all cars compatible with NFC systems, thanks to which it will be enough to keep the device close to the vehicle to use it as a real key. It will not be necessary to authenticate with the Face ID, but just having the iPhone near the car.

Users will then have to place the iPhone over the NFC reader in the car during the initial process, after which CarKey will be available in the Wallet app. Subsequently, the key can also be added on Apple Watch. CarKey can be shared with other people, for example with family members. Drivers can invite other people directly from the Wallet app, so as to enable access to the car on their iPhone and Apple Watch.

In the second beta of iOS 13.4, the terms relating to sharing were updated, clarifying the fact that digital car keys can be sent to other people using the Messages app. This sharing can only be done in private chats and not in group conversations.

Sharing a CarKey will allow that person to use their iPhone or Apple Watch to access a compatible car by keeping the device close to an NFC reader located inside the vehicle. Keys can be permanent (for a spouse, for example) or temporary (for a friend or mechanic).

People who receive a digital key through the Messages app will also see a text message explaining how to use this function:

[Proprietario del veicolo] has invited you to use his [Modello di veicolo] with unlock access and guide. This allows you to use iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock / lock the car, start the engine and drive.

CarKey access is biometric authenticated using Face ID or Touch ID to make sure that the person holding the iPhone is the person authorized to access a car, although there is a “Express mode”Which supposedly should work without the need for authentication.

Apple will work with auto manufacturers to popularize CarKey which, remember, requires an NFC module integrated into the vehicle. The first compatible cars should be ready with the release of the public version of iOS 13.4.


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