IMac 27 “offer: 600 euros discount

If you are looking for a new equipment to be able to work in a comfortable way in your office, the most advisable thing without a doubt is to get an iMac. The experience we have with this type of equipment is quite good, sincee with its screen of considerable size we can have all the information visible and work in a more comfortable way. Now we can find an interesting offer of an iMac that you can hardly miss and that we show you below.

Get an iMac with more than € 600 discount

As we say, if you are interested in buying a new iMac for your office, right now we can find in Amazon an interesting offer of a iMac of 27 ″ with more than 600 euros discount. We believe that this can be a very interesting offer and that this discount comes because the processor it incorporates is seventh generation. This makes it a little more limited when performing certain very powerful tasks such as video editing at the highest quality.

This iMac we can find it right now for € 1499 when its original price is € 2,105. Keep in mind that this is a temporary offer that we can find on Amazon, so do not take many turns if you are interested since this discount is temporary and the offer may end in the next few days.

Technical specifications

As we said at the beginning this iMac has a 27 ″ 5K screen with a 5120 x 2880 resolution. The processor is the seventh generation Intel Core i5 with four cores at 3.4 GHz. It also includes a Radeon Pro graphic which will undoubtedly allow us to perform some interesting tasks such as video or photo editing.

These characteristics are extremely interesting and although we are facing the previous model, this configuration is recommended for the price it has. We will not have the latest processor in the market, It is true, but for the basic tasks that we can perform in an office this configuration is very good although it can fall short if we are going to edit great feature films at high resolution. The only problem we could have is that It comes with a somewhat fair RAM of 8GB. But this can be expanded in a really simple way.

You just have to see the different ratings that customers give on Amazon to see that this is a very interesting iMac and for the price it has it becomes totally irresestible.

And you, are you going to encourage yourself to get this iMac? Leave us your impressions about this in the comment box.

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