How to make calls with iPad

The phones, among many other features that they have today, serve primarily to call. But did you know that it is not the only device from which this can be done? We can also call from an iPad, regardless of whether this is a WiFi + Cellular version or simply WiFi. Next we tell you how.

Activate calls on iPad

It should be noted that in order to manage calls on an iPad an iPhone is needed, although we will not need to interact with him when we are in those calls. Of course, a series of adjustments have to be configured previously and meet some requirements:

how to make calls with the iPad

  • On the iPhone you should go to Settings> Phone> Calls on other devices and activate the option «Allow calls on other devices».
  • Make sure the iPhone has coverage voice.
  • The iPad must have the same iCloud session than the iPhone.
  • It must have logged in to FaceTime with the same Apple ID.
  • Both devices, iPad and iPhone, must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Failure to meet any of these requirements or having configured these settings, will make you unable to make calls on the iPad and not receive them.

Make and receive calls on iPad

Once the above adjustments have been made, you will be ready to manage calls on an iPad. Surely you will have noticed that there is no phone app on this device, but you can do it since Facetime. For this it is not necessary to call a person who also has this app, since it will simply exercise the function of calls. The way to do it will be by pressing the ‘+’ button and typing in the contact name, although you can also access all contacts by pressing ‘+’ again.

how to call with the ipad

It is also possible to make calls from Contacts, selecting the person you want to call and clicking on “call”. Through Siri It will also be possible with a simple command like “Hey Siri, call” followed by the name you have assigned to your contact in the phonebook.

When receiving calls you will find a interface very similar to that of an iPhone, since the call will jump on the iPhone and iPad at the same time. You can reject the call if you wish and if you accept it you can listen to the caller through the speaker or headphones, as well as Transfer the call to the iPhone. Conversely you can also do it by clicking on the speaker icon on the iPhone and selecting the iPad. Yes, check if Do Not Disturb mode is activated, since if it is configured to not receive notifications you will not be able to accept the call directly from the iPad.

It should be noted that other devices such as Apple Watch or Mac can also handle calls complying with requirements similar to those of the iPad, so it is possible that when they call you you will also receive notification on those computers. In any case we find a tremendously useful functionality if you do not have the iPhone at hand or you are using the iPad and you think it is more comfortable to make or receive a call from it.

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