How to change the HEIC format of many photos at once without external programs and free

Convert images

The iPhone has two photo capture mode format options: “High efficiency” and “The most compatible”. In this case we can choose the one that suits us but we already warn that the format is predefined in HEVC / HEIF, HEIC so some teams cannot read this type of format and we need to change it to jpeg or similar.

This can be something simple to do in one or two photos is complicated when we have to do it in many and that is why today we will see a way totally free, without third party applications of by means and fast of pRoast the HEIC photos to jpeg in block, many at a time.

This process may seem complicated and many users look for miraculous tutorials or even applications to change the format quickly, but we don’t need anything more than an iPhone with the photos and a Mac. If we can pass the photos from the iPhone to the Mac using AirDrop so much better. Once we have the photos we simply have to follow these steps:

  1. We select all the photos we want to convert and open them with Preview:Convert images
  2. We open them with Preview and select them all (which are all selected in blue, it is important)
  3. Now we have to click on “Archive” in the top bar and then in “Export selected images:
  4. This dialog box will appear and we have to click on Options:
  5. We choose the option JPEG, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, PDF, PNG or TIFF:Convert images

And ready!

A small tutorial that I was once asked for and that I now share with all of you, especially for those who did not know this possibility of converting all the photos at once from one Mac to another.

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