Best applications to check the weather on iPhone

Time, an elegant and simple app

Like its name, this application is very simple and elegant. It has an incredibly good design, with animations They will inform us so much if it is cloudy, raining, snowing or sunny. We can find several very interesting data of the weather forecast for the next few days as the maximum and minimum temperature, but what really sets this application apart is the radar that includes. In the tabs that we find at the bottom we have available ‘Radar’ that shows us the map of our location to see if a storm is approaching or not.

App time

Weather ·
Weather ·

Rain Alarm, rain radar

If what really interests you is to see a radar where you can see the storms that are coming to your location, Rain Alarm must be installed on your iPhone. This application will detect a custom radio around your location, and will notify you when a storm is approaching With a notification. This will allow you to be informed in detail when there is a good chance that it will start raining in your location.

Rain Alarm - Rain Alarm
Rain Alarm - Rain Alarm +

Undoubtedly one of the most consulted websites to know what weather we will have in our town is This website is also present in the App Store with a dedicated application that is extremely interesting. Among the data included in this application, beyond the weather in our city, we will find the air quality index For example, it is certainly interesting if we have respiratory problems. It also integrates a widget so that we can have the forecast always in sight on our iPhone and it is completely free. + +

MeteoRed, the time of 14 days

Another application that will inform us in great detail of the weather forecast for the next fourteen days. In addition to this information we can alsos read the analysis of different meteorologists, including Maldonado who is a mythical ‘time man’ in our country and that you surely remember. It includes an interesting notification system on our iPhone as well as a map of warnings so that heavy snows or strong winds do not catch us off guard.

Weather 14 Days - Meteored
Weather 14 Days - Meteored

Weather & Radar

A visual application that includes numerous data as well as radars to be aware at all times of the weather and what it will do in the coming days. It includes a breaking news section that are related to the climate of the area. We must take into account that all these basic forecast consultation functions are available in the free version, but if we want to access all the functions included in the application, we must remove the card.

Weather & Radar
Weather & Radar

And you, with what application do you consult the weather in your area? Leave us your proposals in the comment box.

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