Apple “Over Ear” headphones appear in Target’s inventory

We have been talking about Apple’s plans to launch premium “over ear” headphones (circumaural) They would finish completing the range of AirPods headphones that are so successful. Well, it may be a mistake or an error, but the fact is that it seems that in the chain of department stores Target have already made an egg in their inventory.

As we say is news that must be taken with great caution, because it could simply be a mistake, but it may also have been a mistake of someone who has seen the hole they already have prepared for the new Apple headphones, which could arrive in the first half of this year, but of which we know absolutely nothing, at the moment. In the company’s inventory they appear with the name of “Apple AirPods (X Generation) with a price of $ 399.

It is customary for companies to prepare the gap for new products before they are launched. The name with which they appear would be random, nothing to do with the real name, but the price is usually quite accurate. If we consider that right now there is no AirPods model that costs $ 399, everything seems to fit the idea that it could be those “Over Ear” headphones that many are waiting for.

The price of $ 399 puts them directly in the category of high-end headphones. Right now only Apple Beats Pro are sold at this price, headphones intended for a professional segment according to the product description on the official website, but that lack wireless connectivity. These new headphones that we talked about would have wireless connectivity, except surprises of type Bluetooth. If all the previous rumors are true, it seems that we would not have to wait too long to see them, perhaps in the also rumored March event.

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